Build Japan!In this blog, I will introduce you Japanese buildings in Kansai area as a project of Visual Anthropology class.



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the case of the detached houses 23:58

Too close distance between houses make people uncomfortable. However, from old days--because Japan is a small country--people had to bear the situation. So they devised fences and hedges. If you don't want passengers take a peek at your house, you can sacrifice your narrow garden and plant small trees. They will hide your house from passengers' and neighbours' eyes.
People also made fences of dry bamboo, reeds and stones. Stones are used in the south region of Japan(like Okinawa) because people in there are hit by typhoon every year. In such a region, houses are shorter to avoid blasts.
Now, people prefer hedges because their houses became "western style".
Bamboos and reeds are "too Japanese" for them.
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If you want a house with the red roof 23:28

There's a lot of houses in the small town. There's no space between a house and another house, they are too close. If you open the window, you can see what your neighbour is doing exactly.
Maybe there's a bit of garden, but it's too small to plant trees, only pretty flowers can be planted.
You also don't have a garage, so you rent the parking area and pay the landowner monthly.
If you want a house with white wall and red roof--how sweet it is!--you should think better of that. Your neighbours might feel uncomfortable with your house--because your red-roofed house is too romantic! It will mar the peaceful scenery of the region.
Make your house to fit the trend of the region! That's the safest way.
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woods for everybody 20:49

This woods is also in the apartment complex. There is empty space, the managers can build one more apartment building, however they decided to plant trees. Looking around, I can see green plants everywhere in the site of this apartment complex. The apartment buildings themselves are white, square, simple and dull design, but these greens make inhabitants feel comfortable.
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flowers, flowers 20:19

No child uses the sandbox, old ladies made it the flower bed.
There are many flowers in this apartment complex, I don't know who cares them. Sometimes little old lady take care of them, is she the only one to take care of them? or there is a group of ladies to take care of flowers...?
Anyway, flowers are always beautiful.
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when you get old, 19:45

In the apartment complex, there are usually small play fields for children. Swing, slide and sandbox--but now, there's no children.
This apartment complex was build more than 25 years ago, inhabitants get older along with the building, too. Their children grew up and left the apartment because the rooms are too small for four or five adults to live together.
Nowadays, sometimes I see little children play with the swing. They are grand children of original inhabitants. This apartment buildings are five stories high, if every inhabitants get old, how they go up and down the stairs?
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complex neighbours 19:00

I've been living in the apartment house for 20 years.
You know there are a lot of apartment buildings, and the apartment complexes are here and there in Japan.
The apartment buildings are usually four stories or five stories high, because if they are six stories or more, the owner have to place the elevator.
In one floor, there are three household in average. However neighbours are not so familiar, they know each other but they don't know what people their neigbours are. Neighbours are very close people, but at the same time, they are very distant people.
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